About Us

Founded in 2012, VSourcery is a Vietnamese tech talent sourcing agency. We have extensive expertise in the IT Jobs arena including Searching, Selection and Fixed Cost Services. Our Sourcing Services are provided by senior Sourcers with over 5 years average experience.

Our services

Give us your open positions. We source and give a bunch of resumes to you

- Social Networks Resume Search (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, 
Github, Stackoverflow, Ohloh, Grabcad, Kaggle, Coderwall, AngelList,
Hackernews, Bitbucket, Meetup & Quora, etc...)
- Job Boards Resume Search
- Resume Data Mining
- Resume Review

Meet the Team

We are seasoned professionals with average tenure of 5 years experience in High Tech.

Our Clients

Our clients are recruiting agencies, startups and tech companies, such as Zynga, Life360, Agoda, Automatic, HRF, StartupRecroot, ...